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In the case of divorced or unmarried parents, child support is expected to be paid so that the child’s needs are met. These needs include food, shelter, daycare, clothing, medical expenses, school expenses, and other services or items necessary to the child’s welfare. The state of Utah provides child support calculation guidelines to determine what your child support payment will be.

If you need legal assistance with any aspect of child support, you can turn to Sentinel Law Group, P.C. for dedicated and knowledgeable help. Our family law firm is dedicated to providing responsive and personalized legal service that will guide you through any of the legal issues or procedures pertaining to this area of law. Whether you need help obtaining or contesting a new child support order, enforcing an existing support order, or modifying one due to a substantial change in circumstances, our firm has the knowledge, skills, and resources you need.

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Understanding Child Support In Utah

In general terms, child support in Utah is based on:

  • The number of children needing support
  • Both parent’s adjusted gross incomes
  • How custody has been decided

Child support can be calculated using the state’s guidelines, which helps the courts order fair and reasonable child support payments. However, in cases where the amount calculated based on guidelines is not fair to the supporting parent or the child, the state can adjust the amount accordingly.

Child SupportWhen determining child support, the court may consider:

  • Each parent’s income, assets, and debts
  • Each parent’s earning capacity
  • Each parent’s age
  • The unique needs of the child
  • Whether a parent supports children from other relationships

Child support payments can be modified if you can prove to the court that a significant change in your circumstances has occurred.

Modifications may be granted if:

  • Child custody arrangements were modified
  • Your income changed substantially
  • A parent or child incurred an illness or injury requiring medical care
  • Other material changes occurred in childcare expenses

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Our firm is here to ensure that your child support payments are fair and reasonable and that your child receives the financial resources he or she needs. Whatever your situation may be, we are here to help you navigate it with dedicated legal support.

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