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Family disputes can add an elevated level of difficulty to your legal affairs. Settling controversies in court can be messy, financially draining, and time-consuming. Having a lawyer for mediation will allow you and your family to resolve disputes in a private manner so that you can make productive decisions in court.

OGDEN Mediation Lawyers

MediationA Cost-Effective & Stress-Free Approach To Divorce & Family Law Disputes

Disputes between spouses, partners, or family members can be particularly stressful and emotionally draining. Should your family dispute wind up in family court, it can become time-consuming, costly, and lead to even further animosity between you and your family members. Furthermore, your case will be subject to the court’s decisions, leaving matters out of your control.

Mediation is a way to avoid the stress and contention of litigation. With the help of a skilled mediator, you have a chance to resolve your family law dispute privately and in a less adversarial environment. Sentinel Law Group, P.C. offers family law mediation in OGDEN as a better way to handle divorce, its related issues, and any other family-related dispute.

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The Advantages Of Mediation

Before a judge can make a final decree in any dispute, you and the other party should have the opportunity to work out your disagreements yourselves. You know your situation better than anyone and understand what will work for you. With the help of one of our OGDEN mediation attorneys and a willing attitude, you and the other party may be able to negotiate a fair and reasonable agreement. That agreement can then be presented to the court for approval.

MediationThe benefits of mediation include:

  • Privacy, where your discussions will occur in a neutral and safe space
  • Control, where you and the other party will be the ones deciding how your issues will be resolved instead of a judge
  • Timeliness, because you will not be subject to court schedules but can participate in mediation sessions when it is convenient for you and your schedule
  • Cost-effectiveness, saving you money on attorney fees and court costs
  • Support, from the professionals who can help and advise you, such as financial experts, accountants, realtors, child psychologists, your attorney, and more

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The state of Utah values mediation so highly that it makes it mandatory in divorce. At Sentinel Law Group, P.C., we can vouch for the advantages of mediation in handling any family law dispute. Preserve your relationships going forward and remain in control of the issues affecting your family with our help. We provide skilled mediation services in OGDEN that harness creative thinking, positive communication, and focused problem-solving.

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